Dear Audrey,

Larry and I want to thank you again for allowing us to adopt two of your beautiful
Siberian kittens.  This was our first experience with purchasing a pet from a breeder
and we were a little unsure about the process.  Your friendly professional
assistance was exceptional!  We researched a number of Siberian breeders in
Florida and are confident that we selected one of the best!  It is very evident that
you love your cats and are committed to their health and well-being.  

I have tested positive for cat allergies and have had related symptoms with some, but
not all cats that we have previously owned.  Both my husband and I love cats but had
decided not to adopt another one after our last cat died about 8 years ago.  Our
longing for another cat in our lives caused me to do some research on the inter-net
to see what I could find out about cat allergies which then led me to information
about Siberians.  It appeared from what I read that some people with cat allergies
were able to be around Siberians without experiencing symptoms and some sources
actually claimed that Siberians are "Hypoallergenic".  We decided to give it a try and
the rest is history!

We adopted "Amorette", now named Tasha in December 2006 and think that she is
the best Christmas gift we could have chosen for each other.  She is just beautiful.  

I experienced no allergy symptoms whatsoever so a month later we decided to adopt
one of Tasha's brothers - "Admiral", now named Alex.  He came home with us on
January 15th and has been adjusting to his new home and his sister.  In just over a
week they have become inseparable so when I see one I know that the other is
nearby.  They love to play together and have great fun chasing each other through
he house at full speed.  I know they will be great companions throughout their lives.

Words cannot express the joy that both my husband and I feel at finally having a cat
family again!  Tasha and Alex are already beautiful cats at 5 months of age and we
know that they will become even more beautiful as they mature.  Your friendship,
assistance and support have made this possible and we cannot thank you enough.  

Best Regards,
Margie & Larry
Vero Beach, FL